Decarbonising the Energy Grid
with Transparency

RE24 is the technology company bringing transparency to
the business energy market.

Our dedicated 100% green renewable energy marketplace, RE24 Energy Marketplace, connects businesses directly with generators. Delivering traceable, EnergyTag compliant, hourly energy certificates.

Using our business energy platform, RE24 Energy Insights, businesses and generators access their consumption, generation and carbon emission data across multiple sites & countries.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make our electricity affordable and carbon-free at all times.

We believe that complete global decarbonisation of the energy grid will reduce 50% of global emissions.

To achieve net zero by 2050, we believe that renewable energy must be affordable and genuinely green. However, to achieve this, we all need to know exactly what kind of energy we’re buying.

The Problem With Green Energy Tariffs

An estimated third of green energy tariffs in the UK are greenwashed. Conventional energy suppliers sell electricity generated with fossil fuels, offset with the purchase of a renewable energy certificate  (REGOs & GoOs).

This practice can reduce investment in renewables and mislead consumers.

At RE24, we’re working to change that. Our energy marketplace connects customers directly with green energy generators, delivering green energy that is completely traceable.

Our People

RE24 was launched by Dhanushka Tennakoon, an energy sector veteran. The company is powered by over 15 years experience in the UK energy sector at leading renewable generators and providers.


Founder & CEO

Dhanushka Tennakoon

Business Analyst

Ruwini Gamarachchi

Energy Analyst

Himaya Sewwandi

Engineering Analyst

Thanuja Bandara

Our Partners

RE24’s work is supported by businesses, regulators & energy generators committed to impactful change.

Our Accolades

S&P Global Commodity Insights Finalist 2022 & 2023

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