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UK Election 2024: Unpacking Labour and Conservative Pledges on Net Zero, Renewables and Data Centres

Posted on 28 June 2024

The UK election 2024 falls on Thursday, 4 July. Climate change, energy policy, and digital infrastructure are among key topics in debate.

AI and Renewables – How it will Transform Energy Procurement

Posted on 8 May 2024

Predictive AI together with machine learning (ML) algorithms analyses current and historical data to make predictions in energy sector

Low Carbon Hydrogen Standards: A Comprehensive Look

Posted on 06 February 2024

‘UK Low Carbon Hydrogen Standard’ has been introduced as a methodology for assessing hydrogen production emissions throughout its lifecycle.

A Closer Look at the CRU’s Review on Large Energy User Connections

Posted on 23 January 2024

Ireland’s Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) is the independent authority over energy and water regulations. This article provides details about their Consultation on Large Energy User Connections Policy.

Title: The Impact of Renewable Energy Directive (RED) on the EU’s Renewable Energy Landscape

Posted on 08 December 2023

Renewable Energy Directive reflects the European Union’s (EU’s) efforts to transition towards a greener and more sustainable energy landscape.

Beyond The Contract: Real-Time CPPA Performance Monitoring

Posted on 20 November 2023

Monitoring and tracking CPPA performance in real-time is crucial for several reasons, especially in terms of emission savings, renewable energy usage, and energy supply.

Unlocking 24/7 Traceability In Green Energy Supply

Posted on 30 October 2023

What if we could not only source green power but also track it? Understand how important 24/7 traceability is for your renewable energy supply and a hassle-free way to secure it. 

UK Government Towards A Hydrogen Economy

Posted on 02 October 2023

Since the first hydrogen strategy on August 2021, UK Government has number of initiatives to accelerate UK’s hydrogen economy growth. This article briefs you how UK has set their targets in expanding the hydrogen economy.

Fueling A Green Revolution: The Global Push For Hydrogen Production Subsidies

Posted on 08 August 2023

Here we unveil how the initiatives of countries like the UK, EU, USA, Germany, Canada, and India try to power a greener tomorrow.

Take Charge Of Your Carbon Footprint: Understand How Companies Can Report Scope 2 Emissions

Posted on 01 August 2023

By understanding and accurately reporting your indirect emissions, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Scope 2 emissions which include energy purchased and consumed by a company, are a crucial aspect of environmental reporting.

Unraveling The Ideal PPA: Your Guide To Selecting The Perfect Matchenwashing Energy

Posted on 28 July 2023

Explore how PPAs enable your business to procure renewable energy and reduce carbon footprints while navigating the differences between physical and virtual PPAs. Read more to unlock the potential of sustainable energy solutions for your organisation.


How Can Market Policy And System Regulation Help To Deliver Net Zero At Phase?

Posted on 27 March 2023

This article outlines the key points discussed at “Energy-smart places: delivering net zero”. Focuses on how the institutional and regulatory framework of UK’s energy sector should be amended in order to facilitate timely delivery of net zero.

Greenwashing Energy

Posted on 03 March 2023

Read RE24’s guide on how to avoid your business from getting greenwashed.

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