Case Study – Power Purchase Agreement between Keppel DC REIT and Greencoat Renewables

Posted on 13 May 2024



Our Solutions for Keppel DC REIT

RE24 is Keppel’s  PPA advisor and PPA manager. We were already working with Keppel on couple of other PPA opportunities for them. We identified Keppel’s requirements of meeting 100% electricity from renewables and their desire to get close to 100% hourly matched renewables. There we saw the possibility in procuring renewable energy through Greencoat Renewables. After demand and generation profile analysis, we identified Greencoat’s Ballybane Phase 1 wind farm can meet 81% of total demand of the two datacentres. We looked at Irish electricity regulations and went through the details of delivery of the PPA. It was clear that 10-year virtual PPA between the parties was the best to transact and implement.

RE24 facilitated the negotiation for Keppel at various PPA stages. Once the PPA went live on Apr 1st, 2024, we got it implemented to Keppel. We made sure, Keppel has the full transparency of PPA operations, and we get Keppel fully compliant with the regulatory requirements. Now we track and monitor PPA performance and manage the PPA on behalf of Keppel for the next 10 years, until 2033.

Wins for Keppel DC REIT

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