Monitor, Collect & Action Your
Generation Insights

RE24 Energy Insights for Generators delivers the tools your green energy generation business needs to monitor,
collect & understand your Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) on RE24 Energy Marketplace.

Use the Insights Platform made for Generators selling on RE24 Energy Marketplace

Monitor PPA Performance

Get the full picture of your energy generation, use & revenue streams on a single platform

Certify Energy Transactions

Record & verify every energy transaction on RE24 Energy Marketplace. Secured with immutable blockchain technology

Identify Energy Surpluses

Keep track of your energy consumption & generation across multiple sites to identify energy surpluses

Assured With Blockchain Technology

Every hourly certificate you receive on RE24 is EnergyTag compliant, recorded using blockchain technology. 

Blockchain delivers unalterable, securely time-stamped and encrypted certificates that are independently held by multiple stakeholders.

These immutable records empower you to verify, confirm & audit every energy transaction you make on RE24 Energy Marketplace.

Access Insights Anywhere

Thanks to our expertly designed browser dashboard, you can access RE24 Energy Insights for Generators on any device.

Designed from the ground up, the platform delivers the information your generation business needs quickly, on a single screen.

Simplify Your Audits

Use the platform to grant auditors access to your generation data quickly & securely. 

The dashboard allows you to export your generation data and energy transactions quickly. Empowering you to deliver reports to your stakeholders with more ease than ever.

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