Decarbonising The Grid Together

Meet the organisations, non-profits, green generators & businesses we
work with to deliver genuine green energy that’s completely traceable.

Our Partners


EnergyTag is the Non-Profit Energy Initiative building the framework for hourly energy certificates.

All of RE24’s Hourly Energy Certificates are compliant with the granular EnergyTag Standard.

UN, Sustainable Energy for All – 24/7 Carbon Free Compact

RE24 is proud to be a signatory to the UN’s 24/7 Carbon Free Compact.

The compact is a global group of companies, policy makers, investors & organisations working to realise 24/7 carbon free energy for all.

Innovate UK

RE24 is grant funded & supported by Innovate UK.

Innovate UK is the UK Non-Departmental Agency dedicated to innovation, supporting organisations to develop new products & services.

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