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Dhanushka Tennakoon

Founder & CEO

Dhanushka Tennakoon is the Founder & CEO of RE24.

With over 16 year’s experience in the energy sector, he’s led a range of renewables projects at Centrica & Engie and worked directly with renewable energy asset developers & owners.

As the Head of Investment at Centrica and Head of Strategic Development at Engie, he was responsible for:

  • Leading Centrica’s first Merchant Solar Portfolio (900MW+)
  • Acquiring & bringing to construction Centrica’s first Solar Site (70 acres / 18MW)
  • Acquiring Centrica’s first Battery Site (60MWh)
  • Acquiring Centrica’s first Battery/Gas Peaker Project (20MW/40MWh)
  • Leading Engie UK’s Solar Incubator Thanks to his extensive experience,

Dhanushka has strong, established relationships with renewable energy asset developers & asset owners.

The combination of his network, experience and drive makes it possible for him to make 24/7 Green Energy accessible for all.

Ruwini Gamarachchi

Business Analyst

Ruwini Gamarachchi is RE24’s Business Analyst. She’s an Electrical Engineer & Renewable Energy Enabler.

Ruwini’s research specialisms and market insights inform how RE24 delivers 24/7 traceable renewable energy.

Her experience includes running a 12-month research project, dedicated to giving Sri Lankan businesses access to more granular carbon data linked to their electricity consumption.

She’s currently supervising a university research project that delivers real-time carbon data from electricity consumption directly to businesses.

Himaya Sewwandi

Energy Analyst

Himaya Sewwandi is the RE24’s Energy Analyst.

Himaya holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering and has a background in Green Hydrogen. Her expertise also includes renewable energy policy research.

Throughout her academic and research journey, she has received a number of recognitions including:

  • Excellent Foreign Student Scholarship Award
  • Deans Award for the Best Undergraduate Researcher
  • Best Paper Awards from two international conferences

Himaya’s research ability and knowledge in renewable energy will help achieving RE24’s goal to decarbonise UK energy grid.

Oliver Brisbin

Operations Analyst

Ex-serviceman with extensive leadership, project management and logistics experience. Served as non-commissioned officer.

  • Trained leader/strategist
  • Led Logistics team in high-stress

environments for combat elements in international deployment.

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