Net Zero Needs A Transparent
Energy Market

At RE24 we believe everyone wants to make the right decisions for our planet.
However, to effectively decarbonise, it’s imperative that we all know exactly what we’re buying.
Renewable energy purchases must be 100% traceable.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make our electricity affordable and carbon-free at all times

We believe that complete global decarbonisation of the energy grid will reduce 50% of global emissions.

To achieve this goal, all green energy must be affordable and genuinely green. There will be no mass adoption of truly green energy when it is sold as a premium product.

More worryingly, we will not be able to decarbonise the grid if customers continue to buy greenwashed energy. At RE24, we’re working to change how businesses and consumers buy energy.

Giving them the right tools to make conscious decisions for the planet. We’re empowering businesses to buy energy directly from green generators, verified with pioneering hourly certificates.

Our goal is to set a new standard. To make true green energy a completely traceable commodity.

The Problem With Green Energy Tariffs

There’s a big problem with Green Energy. A lot of it is greenwashed. In 2020, an estimated third of 100% renewable energy tariffs were renewable in certificate only.

How is that possible? Right now, energy suppliers can use two methods to buy energy for clean tariffs:

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with Green Energy Generators. Suppliers secure long term contracts with Green Energy Generators, selling you clean energy directly from the supplier.

Buying certificates (REGOs & GoOs) from renewable generators to ‘offset’ carbon intensive generation. This allows energy suppliers to disguise energy generated by coal, oil or gas, as green energy.

The majority of domestic & business energy suppliers use a mixture of PPAs & certificate purchases to deliver their renewable energy.

At RE24, we are committed to shaking up the business energy market. When you contract business energy on RE24 Energy Marketplace, instead of buying from a supplier, you contract it directly from a green generator with a PPA. This comes with two advantages:

You always know the source of your energy

You pay less for your green energy by cutting out energy suppliers.

Why Offsetting With Energy Certificates Doesn’t Work

Offsetting carbon intensive generation by buying energy certificates can’t replace sourcing green energy directly from suppliers.

Cuts Renewable Investment

Buying REGOs & GoOs is cheap. In 2020, the average cost of a REGO per 1MWh was £0.5. When suppliers buy certificates without energy, it can reduce investment in green generators. This limits generators’ ability to reinvest & decarbonise the grid.

More Expensive Tariffs

Energy prices fluctuate on the wholesale market. Carbon intensive energy can be more expensive than green energy, causing you to pay a premium for greenwashed energy generated from gas, oil & coal.

Unmatched With Consumption

REGOs can be redeemed up to 12 months after the energy they offset has been generated. This allows energy suppliers to use them to offset energy generated at completely different times.

RE24 Energy Marketplace Certificates Are Different

The green energy market is complex. Energy Attribute Certificates (EAC) prove where electricity was generated.

There are two types of EACs used by UK Energy Suppliers to greenwash tariffs, UK REGOs & European GoOs.

RE24 Energy Marketplace uses granular with hourly Guarantee of Origin certificates, compliant with EnergyTag standards. Here’s how our certificates stack up against REGOs & European GoOs:

REGOsGoOsRE24 Hourly Certificates
Energy OriginUK onlyEurope (excl. UK)Country Specific (e.g. UK)
TraceabilityAnnualAnnual1 hour
Energy UseUKUndetermined (Europe)Country Specific (e.g. UK)
Carbon OffsetEnergy generated within 12 monthsEnergy generated within 12 monthsEnergy generated within 1 hour


Energy OriginUK only
Energy UseUK
Carbon OffsetEnergy generated within 12 months


Energy OriginEurope (excl. UK)
Energy UseUndetermined (Europe)
Carbon OffsetEnergy generated within 12 months

RE24 Hourly Certificates

Energy OriginCountry Specific (e.g. UK)
Traceability1 hour
Energy UseCountry Specific (e.g. UK)
Carbon OffsetEnergy generated within 1 hour

Unlike REGOs & GoOs, RE24 Hourly Certificates are time stamped to verify generation by the hour.

How we deploy our certificates is also important. We keep our hourly certificates linked with the energy you contract. This means that they’re more than a certificate confirming that renewable energy was generated at an undetermined point over the last 12 months. 

Our hourly certificates are a true confirmation that your energy is green.

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