Beyond The Contract: Real-Time CPPA Performance Monitoring

Posted on 20 November 2023

Himaya Sewwandi
Energy Analyst

Comes from a background of Environmental Engineering and specialised in Biohydrogen.

Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPAs) are the most common mean of securing green energy directly from the source. It brings you more benefits, including saving your energy bills from open market fluctuations. It brings financial stability to the project developer and lets you stabilise your energy supply. A cost-competitive, clean energy adoption, aiding corporations in meeting sustainability goals.

Why should you track and monitor your CPPA performance?

Most of the businesses enter into CPPAs and yet do not pay much attention to post-commissioning CPPA performance monitoring. However, monitoring and tracking CPPA performance in real-time is crucial for several reasons, especially in terms of emission savings, renewable energy usage, and energy supply.

How to track and monitor your CPPA real-time?

The easiest approach is to subscribe for a PPA monitoring service. These services typically cover real-time data analytics, performance reporting, and risk management aspects. They ensure adherence to contractual obligations, assess financial viability, and provide insights for decision-making. PPA monitoring services play a pivotal role in maximizing the benefits of renewable energy investments. Also provide transparency, operational reliability, and the tools needed to meet sustainability goals effectively.

Get real-time CPPA performance data from RE24 Insights

We have automated PPA post-commissioning monitoring services through RE24 Insights. Our services extend to real-time performance tracking to ESG credibility.

You can identify how your CPPA is performing from energy supply, asset availability and REGO/GO certificates availability for energy you are procuring.

Within the green energy supply industry, greenwashing is commonplace. This poses a future business risk. RE24 Insights ensures greater ESG credibility and easier ESG reporting. We administer REGOs on your behalf, acting as an agent for the generator and making sure that all relevant REGOs are collected and transferred across to you.

Experience 100% visibility of your renewable energy procurement. Visit RE24 Insights.

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