RE24 Executes Their First PPA Between

Motive Fuels And Seacon Terminals

A Cost-Effective PPA Executed From Feb 2023 Onwards 

Providing green hydrogen fuel solutions across the UK, it was cruicial for Motive Fuels Ltd to maintain a green utility system. Finding a trusted and traceable green energy source was one of their key concerns. 

RE24 provided a reliable and traceable green energy solution for Motive Fuels. A sleeved PPA with Seacon Terminals Ltd, who was planning to sell their excess solar energy. Accordingly, Octopus Energy Ltd purchases solar energy from Seacon Terminals and sells it back to Motive Fuels as the intermediate utility service provider.  

Motive Fuels is enjoying around 35% savings on their energy bills. RE24 provides half-hourly energy certificates and ensures 24/7 traceability to their energy source. Seacon Terminals has secured revenue from their excess green energy. RE24 will continue to manage the PPA between entities. 

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