How RE24 Marketplace Works

RE24 Energy Marketplace delivers affordable, completely traceable green energy for businesses by putting you in control.
Unlike typical energy suppliers, we empower you to buy energy directly from green generators through renewable
power purchase agreements (PPAs).

RE24 Energy Marketplace

Step 1

Green energy is contracted by you from a list of RE24 approved renewable generators

Step 2

Green electricity is generated by your generator, traced with hourly certificates matched to generation

Step 3

100% green energy is consumed

Generic Energy Supplier’s Green Tariff

Step 1

The energy supplier contracts energy directly from a large pool of fossil fuel & renewable generators

Step 2

The energy supplier buys a renewable energy certificate from renewable generator, often unlinked to their own generation

Step 3

Black Box

Step 4

The energy supplier sells you energy from an untraced source with an unlinked certificate

What Makes RE24 Different

Unlike other business energy suppliers, RE24 puts you in control. You don’t buy from us, you buy directly from the supplier.

The process is completely transparent. You can see exactly where your electricity is being generated, and receive hourly certificates that always match.

Powered by PPAs

The green energy on RE24 Energy Marketplace is supplied through long-term renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Every joule on the platform is sourced from 100% Green Energy Generators. This empowers you to support renewable electricity generators directly.

Matching Joules & Certificates

Receive hourly Guarantees of Origin certificates, compliant with EnergyTag standards. Your certificates will always be linked to the energy generated, not bought to greenwash carbon intensive generation technologies.

Built For Transparency

RE24 Energy Insights gives you an unprecedented look into the source of your electricity, your business’ energy consumption and carbon emissions.

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