Unlock Your Renewable
Energy’s Potentia

Sell your green energy on RE24 Energy Marketplace. Realise long-term, investment
grade returns with 1-2-1 contracting now.

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Sell Your Green Energy Directly To Businesses

We negotiate the pricing and terms for you, unleashing new opportunities for your generation business.

Attractive Fixed Returns

Secure long-term investment grade returns, under PPAs with ‘good’ credit rated companies.

Hassle Free Energy Selling

Reduce the time & effort spent soliciting buyers. Our automatch pool does the work for you.

Better Green Outcomes

Overcome the wholesale energy market’s volatility. Supply businesses committed to the renewable revolution.

How It Works

When you join RE24 Energy Marketplace, we connect you directly with energy buyers, cutting out the cost of suppliers. You form PPAs directly with businesses, securing better long-term investment outcomes for your business.

Who We Work With

Do you generate energy from Solar PV, Hydro, Tidal, Geothermal, Wind or Waste? We work with genuine green energy generators to supply medium & large UK businesses.

Why RE24 Is Different

We’re not an energy supplier. We’re an Energy Marketplace committed to transparency & accountability.

Sell your green energy on our platform to empower energy buyers to receive granular, hourly EnergyTag compliant certificates.

Our pioneering transparency and commitment to truly traceable renewable energy distinguishes us from conventional suppliers.

Surplus Energy Suppliers

Green energy generation doesn’t need to be your primary business.

Track & trace your surplus energy using RE24 Energy Insights for Generators.

Identify and sell your surplus energy, while meeting your onsite production responsibilities.

Leverage Our Platform

RE24 Energy Insights for Generators gives you complete oversight of your energy generation, use and revenue streams.

Complete Oversight

Get the full picture of your energy generation, use & revenue streams.

Certify Energy Transactions

Record & verify every energy transaction. Secured with immutable blockchain technology.

Monitor Energy Surpluses

Keep track of your energy consumption & generation across multiple sites to identify energy surpluses.

Our Success Stories

See how energy generators have benefited from joining RE24 Energy Marketplace.

Meet your potential customers and learn how genuinely traceable green energy has helped transform their businesses.

Sell Your Green Energy Now

Interested? Get in touch with us now. Let’s discuss how you can achieve more with your green energy.

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