Green Power for Data Centres

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) aggregation and PPA management services for data centres

PPA Aggregation

Increase your renewable energy supply with aggregated renewable PPAs

PPA Advisory

Secure Power and be greener – select renewable generators & executing PPAs

PPA Management

Track and monitor your PPA performance including emission savings, PPA price comparisons, REGO/GO certificates and more

Data centres
Can Your Data Centre Meet Net Zero Compliances?

We can help you with 100% true green energy.

Renewable energy assets for data centres
One-Stop Shop for Data Centre PPAs

Exclusive PPAs with green energy generators, and be genuinely green on your power consumption. Our PPA services to make your PPA journey smooth and hassle-free.

  • Energy composition
  • Renewable energy usage
  • Emission savings
  • REGO/GO savings
  • PPA supply
Grid vs. Renewables
Renewable Usage
Emission Savings
GO Savings
PPA Supply
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Keppel DC REIT Dublin 1 data centre
Client Success Stories

We are serving Keppel DC REIT as their PPA advisor and manager. We have successfully executed a 67GWh PPA for them.

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