Green Energy Made for
Low Carbon Hydrogen Suppliers

RE24 Energy Marketplace is made for Green Hydrogen Suppliers. Get completely traceable, affordable green energy, directly from generators. All matched to meet the rigorous energy supply requirements of the UK Low Carbon Hydrogen Standard.

Exclusive Green Energy Contracts

Contract directly with green energy suppliers, chosen to meet your business’ energy supply carbon output limits

Electrolyser Demand Matched

Granular hourly energy certificates deliver the certifications you need to prove that your electrolysers operate at the same time as electricity input

Verify Low Carbon Credentials Fast

Use the RE24 Energy Insights to export Energy Supply Scope 2 emissions efficiently for the UK low carbon hydrogen verification standard

Affordable, Traceable & Guaranteed Green Energy

RE24’s Energy Marketplace delivers the confidence of an exclusive Power Purchase Agreement with a green energy generator, with cost efficiencies of an automatching energy marketplace.

Get Along with UK Low Carbon Hydrogen Standards

RE24 can help your green hydrogen manufacturing process to be align with UK Low Carbon Hydrogen Standards. We can help you with electricity supply evidential requirements and greenhouse gas intensity reduction. Secure your hydrogen support scheme with RE24.

Made For Green Hydrogen Suppliers

Discover how using RE24’s energy marketplace saved producers to generate green hydrogen by providing traceable green energy solutions.

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