100% True Green Energy
Solutions for Businesses

RE24 Energy Marketplace

True green energy for businesses, sourced directly from suppliers with 24/7 tracing.

RE24 Energy Insights

Your platform for unprecedented energy insights across multiple sites & countries.

RE24 Energy Marketplace

Source your business energy directly from green energy generators with RE24 Energy Marketplace

Reduce Bills

Cut out the middleman. Buy energy directly from green generators with 1-2-1 contracting at competitive rates

100% Green

Tackle your Scope 2 emissions. Every joule you use is exclusively sourced from renewable generators

24/7 Tracking

Guarantee your energy source every hour. Get unprecedented hourly, EnergyTag compliant certificates

Green Energy Made For Businesses

RE24 Energy Marketplace is designed for medium & large UK businesses with annual energy bills of £50,000 and above

Sustainable Champions

True green energy for businesses committed to fighting climate change. Enhance your business’ CSR agenda & sustainable credentials.

Carbon Cutters

Transform your business with complete oversight of your Scope 2 emissions. Give your customers iron-clad assurances on their Scope 3 emissions

Green Hydrogen Suppliers

Certify your low carbon hydrogen production in real-time. RE24’s certificates verify the green energy powering your electrolysers hourly

Certificates Secured With Blockchain Technology

Every hourly certificate you receive on RE24 is EnergyTag compliant, recorded using blockchain technology. 

Our technology delivers a pioneering immutable record, proving that your energy is always green.

Know Your Green Energy Generator

Not all green tariffs are green. Many suppliers greenwash energy generated from fossil fuels with unmatched renewable certificates.

If you don’t know your energy’s source, how can you know it’s green? RE24 connects your business directly with green energy generators. Guaranteeing your energy’s green credentials.

How RE24 Energy Marketplace Works

Green Generators Only

Contract directly with green energy generators using our energy marketplace. No greenwashing guaranteed

Matched Coverage

You use on-demand renewable energy from our pool of energy generators matched to your business’ unique requirements

Recorded & Verifiable Usage

Receive hourly green energy certificates certifying your electricity’s origin, recorded with blockchain technology

Your Clean Energy Generators

RE24 Energy Marketplace only sells electricity from green generators

We empower your business to enter exclusive PPA contracts with renewable generators.

RE24 Energy Insights

Use the energy platform that delivers complete oversight of your business’ energy consumption, generation source & carbon footprint

Unprecedented Insights

Receive hourly energy certificates confirming your electricity’s origin. Review the profile of your green energy generator

Automate Data Collection

Remove human error. Import data stored and do more with connected meter readings now

Multiple Sites & Countries

Gain complete oversight of your business’ energy consumption across multiple sites & countries

How Can RE24 Transform Your Business?

Discover how we’ve already empowered businesses to buy their energy directly from green suppliers

Be inspired to transform your business’ energy supply for the better.

Looking To Sell Your Renewable Energy?

Unlock new revenue streams for your renewable energy with RE24 Energy Marketplace for Sellers.

Realise investment grade returns, buyer stability and impactful outcomes for your green energy.